co Viral Marketing: Become Contagious |

Viral marketing sounds like a great way to do business, it basically involves having other people do your marketing for you. But how exactly do you make your marketing viral? Here are a few tips to get you started.

Viral Marketing Tips

  • Choose the right medium. Video is one of the most popular viral marketing tools because people LOVE to watch video. If you can come up with something worthy of sharing, then you can watch it skyrocket in popularity.
  • Give it a headstart. Whatever your viral marketing medium is, it`s not going to go viral on it`s own. You`ll need to “sneeze” it out. That means getting others online to link to it and share with their friends. If you have a good social networking group, that`s a great start. Asking other bloggers to review can also work.
  • Keep it short. An hour long video or a two page essay is not going to get spread too far, but something that only takes 15-45 second of your time is certainly a good candidate.
  • Be shocking or funny. These are two main ways to get major traffic and they really do work. If you can`t be funny, look for a way to make your viral marketing shocking.

Viral marketing only needs a starting push from you and then it should take off on its own. Obviously the results vary from time to time and depending on the audience you`re looking to impress. It`s a fun way to get some extra publicity.