co SEO Tips: Maximizing Your Anchor Text |

Your anchor text has a huge bearing on SEO for your small business website. Dozens of people have tested the theories on anchor text SEO and found that it is extremely valuable.

There are two types of anchor text that we`ll be looking at today. The first is external linking. When another website or blog links to you, the anchor text that they use is very important. This is where it really pays off to request specific anchor text. If you have 50 blogs linking to you with the words “Car repair”, then you`ll do far better than a site that has no incoming links with that anchor text.

The second type of anchor text is internal. When you link to your own pages or blog posts, use your keywords as anchor text. This will help boost the SEO of your entire business website. It`s a very useful method of increasing inbound links, as well, but the anchor text makes the links that much more valuable.

There are a variety of ways that you can use anchor text to enhance your SEO, but just using your keywords in the anchor text is a great way to start.