co Tracking: Do You Know Where Your Traffic Comes From? |

Are you tracking your website traffic? This is a subject that we don`t touch on too much, but it`s still an important one. If you don`t know where your clients are coming from, how can you increase them?

Knowing where your clients and website visitors come from is the best way to boost your online business. That`s why tracking and analyzing your website traffic is so vital. By keeping on top of where everyone is coming from, you`ll know which ad campaigns work and which should be dumped.

One of the biggest expenses for most small businesses is advertising and publicity, so it makes sense that you would want to know exactly which ads are working. Keep track of it and you will be able to increase marketing efforts in the areas that are producing and boost your clients.

There are tracking programs that allow you to keep an eye on these statistics and it`s very helpful to do so.