co Link Building: How Much Time Should You Dedicate? |

Link building is one of those business activities that is very tempting to just leave for long periods of time. When you do get into it, you probably tend to do a chunk of work all at once.

The best way to do link building is to build up your links steadily. This is pretty easy to do if you just set aside a small amount of time each day. There are a few ways to make it work for you.

Use a timer. This ensures that you don`t get carried away. Set it for 10 or 15 minutes and work on building links during that time each day. This doesn`t include writing time if you are doing article marketing.

Google Alerts. These are a wonderful way to stay on top of the latest blog posts on your topic. Just head over to some of the blogs that are coming up with your keywords and you can leave comments on them.

Virtual assistant. If you don`t have the time to do your own link building, getting a virtual assistant might be a good idea. She can do the work for you while you concentrate on other areas.

Link building will be far more effective if you do a little each day and make a point of regularly adding links to your website.