co 3 Successful Email Marketing Secrets |

Email marketing is something that every small business should be doing. If you don`t have an email list, then it`s definitely time to get one. Many business owners worry that no one will subscribe to their list or that the response will be so weak, it`s just a waste of time. While that can happen if you don`t treat your list properly, there`s no reason for it to be that way.

Email Marketing Secrets

  • Offer something of value in exchange for signing up. People are nervous about giving away their email addresses, so make it worth their while. A downloadable freebie is perfect, but make sure that it has actual value. For example, if you are selling an ebook for $21.95 in your shop, give it to subscribers for free. They`ll be thrilled to save that money and feel that you really do value them.
  • Write useful information. When it comes to email marketing, everyone is doing it . . . you need to stand out. The best way to do that is not to turn every email newsletter into an ad. Instead, keep it lowkey, recommend products, but don`t forget to give the reader something they can use immediately.
  • Answer questions. By interacting with your readers, you`ll find that you quickly establish a rapport with them which can be invaluable as a business owner. Building that trust is vital to the success of your email marketing and getting personal will help immensely.

Email marketing can be very effective when done well. It`s certainly not a waste of time to connect a little extra even with a few of your potential clients, so give a whirl.