co PR: An Important Part of Growing Your Business |

There are many different PR techniques that can be applied to promote your business, but all of them have a few standards in common. Whether you are using business cards, flyers, websites or radio ads, there are some things you need to keep in mind.

  • Be consistent. This is so important, yet many small businesses neglect it. Do your website, business cards and catalogs look like they all belong to the same company? If not, it`s time to rethink what you`re doing with your branding.
  • Represent your brand. What do you want people thinking about when they hear your name? All your PR materials should reflect and promote this.
  • Get out there. Are you guilty of only handing out the occasional business card and doing some minor linkbuilding? That`s not good enough! Make sure you are constantly promoting your business and you`ll see it going somewhere.

PR is vital for the growth of small businesses. You can`t just wait for the customers to come to you, make sure that you proactively go after them with top quality PR.