co A Unique Networking Opportunity |

LinkedIn is one of the newer social networking sites online. You can really benefit from all types of networking, but when you combine the right techniques and online networking, it can be a very powerful thing.

The latest opportunity for networking with your small business can be found at The Laptop Lounge. There are three levels of networking groups to join, The Rookie, The Pro and The Elite. Each one is specifically aimed at a level of LinkedIn usage. For example, if you have never used the networking service or signed up without doing anything with it, then you`ll be in The Rookie Group. Those with over 500 connections can join The Elite for free.

Not only is this a great chance to learn about networking online, it also allows you to get troubleshooting help right there in the Laptop Lounge, a very handy offer. If you`re interested in joining the group and learning to be your best in online networking, you can sign up here.