co PPC for Small Businesses: It Pays to Research |

If you`re looking into PPC for your small business, it`s very important that you know what you`re doing. There are too many sob stories around the internet about people who have lost their hard earned money on pay per click advertising. With a little knowledge, you can go a long way in the PPC arena.

Some of the more common mistakes include the following:

  • Bidding on general keywords. If you are bidding on “work at home” the competition is going to be terribly high and you`ll pay far more than it`s worth.
  • Not setting up a worthy landing page. It doesn`t matter if you`re getting tons of traffic if your landing page doesn`t convert.
  • Forgetting to set negative keywords. Go through your campaign and be sure to set up negative keywords . . . those searches you DON`T want your ads to be shown on.

Make sure you learn everything you can about PPC for small business or get someone to handle your advertising for you. It`s not worth jumping in with both feet and ending up paying out more than you need to!