co Link Building: Making Forums Work for You |

We`ve been talking about link building a lot lately and that`s because it`s so incredibly useful for promoting your website. And all it costs is a little bit of time. Today we`ll look at how forums can be used to create a higher search engine ranking for your business website.

Forums are often spammed and this has become grounds for immediate removal and being banned, so you want to avoid this. How do you make sure that you aren`t spamming a forum? Well, you simply need to use it as best you can.

  • Read the rules and take part in discussions.
  • Don`t talk non-stop about your business, but go ahead and mention it when the time is right.
  • Make sure you understand the rules about putting links in your signature line.
  • Be consistent and continue to frequent the forum on a regular basis, as opposed to signing up, advertising your business and never going back.
  • Make friends. Offer advice and help to those who are asking questions and build up a network.

Treat forums with respect and be sure to offer useful information and take part in the community. They`ll quickly come to accept you and that`s when you`ll have the most success with your link building.