co Video Marketing: Reach Your Target Market |

Did you know that more people now watch video online than they read? It`s so easy to watch a video and after decades of watching television and movies, your clients are already accustomed to gleaning their information from video, so why not use video marketing as a method of reaching them?

Getting Started

As long as you have a camera that you can upload video with to the computer, you`re good to go. Most PCs now come with built in video editing software, which you can use. All you really need is a title for your video and the ability to cut and splice if you need to.

Videos can be uploaded onto YouTube, Metacafe or any number of hosting sites if you don`t want the hassle of hosting on your own website. All of these offer a simple code that can be cut and pasted onto your webpage to make the video visible to visitors.

Video marketing adds a whole other dimension to your business. It will let people see you as a real person and can be an excellent way to reach out to your target market.