co Are Your Emails Worth Reading? |

Email marketing is an excellent way to reach your clients and potential clients, since the message is repeated over and over until it actually gets through. But this is only true if your emails are actually worth reading.

People are jaded these days. Spam is huge. It stuffs our inboxes even after the sophisticated spam filters take out the majority and it`s just a pain in the butt. So your email had better stand out if you want people to respond to it or even open it!

What does a good email need to contain? Here are a few thoughts.

Real info. Don`t just hint at information, give them something they can use.

A solution. Offer a solution to a problem and your readers will stick with you.

Humor. A little bit of humor can make your emails far more exciting than they would be otherwise.

Keep your email marketing interesting and useful and you won`t lose readers.