co Business Writing: It Pays to Outsource |

Business writing is one of those things that many people can manage if they really put their minds to, but few enjoy it. The majority of small business owners find that it simply isn`t worth their time to be typing painstakingly on their brochures, flyers and letters. Instead, outsourcing is a good way to go.

Why outsource your business writing? Well, you can get more done, for one. How long would it take you to write up a business letter? Let`s say a decent sized letter takes you 30 min. That`s an entire half hour that you aren`t spending doing something more useful! And if you cost it out, you`ll find that a freelance business writer will actually be far more cost effective, as well.

More and more small businesses are realizing the importance of outsourcing at least a bit of their work and things like data entry and business writing are usually at the top of the list, since these are things that can easily be done by anyone and usually at a lower cost than you could do yourself.

In addition, most people find that professional writers are better able to write these things than they can themselves. The end quality is far higher than those that are written in-house.

Are you doing your own business writing? Could it be time to delegate this to someone else?