co Social Media: A Fun Business Boost |

Social media is not just a business tool, it`s fun, too. If you use it right, you can really enjoy your marketing through this medium! Here are a few tips to get you started having a blast while you connect and network.

  • Make friends, not contacts. Many people approach social media as a purely business thing. They start sending out requests to anyone and everyone just to amass a huge following. This might work to get volume, but you`ll find that your social media marketing is far more effective and interesting if you select the people you want to network with. Look for those who have similar interests and you`ll be more likely to get help from them.
  • Peruse your interests. Don`t just stay on a strictly business topic . . . though this should definitely be the focus of social media for business. Enjoy the social nature of social media and take a look at some of the areas that you enjoy outside of business, such as your hobbies or travel.
  • Don`t be too serious. Don`t be afraid to have some fun. Make a joke about a photo you like, stumble a humerous poem . . . basically have some fun. There`s no reason social media has to be so serious and by showing people that you`re human, you`ll end up with more followers.

Marketing will be done a lot more when you find it a fun activity. If you enjoy using social media, you`ll be motivated to connect and network a lot more often!