co Do You Podcast? Common Fears Debunked |

Podcasting is a growing method of reaching your target audience and yet, many small business owners aren`t taking advantage of this useful technique. Unfortunately, many people suffer from a fear of podcasting, but today, we`re going to look at why you might not want to try it and get rid of those fears.

“My voice sounds weird/I have an accent.” Well, GOOD! Your voice is unique and that makes it ideal for podcasting. People just love to hear what someone sounds like and you`ll probably end up with more clients than ever before once they have the chance to get to “know” you via podcasting.

“I can`t commit to podcasting on a regular basis.” That`s fine. Why not start with one podcast and see how it goes? There`s no rule saying you have to record something every week. Audio can be a handy way to connect with your visitors, but you can do it when you want to, there`s no need to schedule if you don`t want to.

“I`m not interesting enough/I have nothing to say.” Maybe not. But that`s why you prepare for your podcast. Write up a sheet of points you want to convey, do some research or even invite a guest speaker and interview them. If you don`t have anything to say, look for information on what your target market wants and talk about that.

Don`t let fear hold you back from podcasting. You could be losing out on making a vital connection with your clients!