co Email Marketing: What Are You Doing Wrong? |

More than a few people have asked why their email marketing campaign isn`t working. While I can`t exactly answer everyone in general terms, since it really does depend on the audience and the topic, there are a few mistakes that are quite common in email marketing.

Common Email Marketing Errors

  • Not targeting an audience. Sure you have a wide range of subscribers, but that doesn`t mean you should be sending out a general email. Try to break your list into smaller, more specific groups and write for them.
  • Forgetting the call to action. This is a biggie. If you aren`t specifically telling people what they need to be doing within your email newsletter, then you can bet they won`t do it!
  • Being too formal. While some email marketing campaigns call for formal language, you`ll notice that the majority of those who are successful in marketing to their lists talk as if they were writing to a friend. It`s a very successful method.

Email marketing has a lot of variables and requires tweaking to get it just right and even then, your solution won`t be precisely the same as everyone else`s. By ensuring that you aren`t making the mistakes above, however, you`ll make sure that your campaign is successful.