co Blog Networking to Build Your Business |

You already know that I advocate having a blog to help promote your business, but it`s not good enough to just have a blog. Networking is vital if you want to actually grow your traffic and bring in new potential clients. Without the proper connections and activity, you`ll find that your website just sits there unread.

3 Blog Networking Techniques

  • Linking. You`d be amazed at what happens when you start to link out to other blogs. There`s no need to copy them, just let your readers know when you find a good resource. The links will catch other bloggers` attention and they`ll check your site out and may even link to you.
  • Commenting. This is the most common technique used, but it`s still a good one. When you comment on someone else`s blog, always consider what you can add to the conversation. It`s also important to respond to comments on your own blog.
  • Emailing. While comments and links can be a good way to catch a blogger`s attention, there`s something to be said for a direct email sometimes. Just connect with the other blogger or ask a question. Start building a relationship and later on you can set up JVs and other deals.

Blog networking is a great way to ensure that people are noticing and reading your blog. These aren`t the only methods, of course, you can also join blog communities, carnivals and group writing projects that allow you to network with other bloggers in your topic.