co SEO: Is Your Business Search Engine Friendly? |

How your business website is designed has a huge impact on whether or not the search engines will like you. There are a lot of little things that most people don`t even realize can affect their search engine ranking, but end up being very important.

Sidebars. If your sidebar code comes first in the template, guess what the search engine is looking at? That`s right, your feed stats or invitation to get a free ebook! Not good SEO. Either optimize your sidebars or put your body code first.

Meta tags. These little suckers are still very important when it comes to SEO. You want to ensure that the search engines have a quick way to grab your keywords and information.

Links. Do you know where your site is linking to? If you grab a free template off the web, chances are it has some hidden links built into it. This is important to check, since they could affect your SEO if you`re linking to a “bad neighborhood”.

SEO isn`t just about writing and including keywords in your titles, though that is also quite important. You will want to have your website totally optimized, as well, if you are looking to grow your business through SEO.