co Email Marketing Adds Revenue to Small Business |

Looking for a way to boost your income? Want your small business to turn over more of a profit? Then you need email marketing.

Any small business that doesn`t have an email marketing list is simply throwing away great leads. You have people interested enough to visit your website and then you end up just letting them wander off without necessarily buying anything . . . not good business sense.

Your best bet is to simply capture people`s email addresses and then send them regular updates and offer them special coupons or discounts. This keeps your business fresh in their minds and has them check out your site again and again.

It`s crazy NOT to have a list that you can use email marketing to improve your earnings. Studies have shown that most people buy only after repeated exposure to a product, so with email marketing, you are basically reminding them of your company every time you send out an email.

Email marketing is something that every company should have in it`s marketing repertoire.