co Link Building in Forums: Don`t Hard Sell |

There are some people who show up in forums and blast out their links all over the place and then vanish as quickly as they came. Needless to say, this method isn`t terribly effective. In fact, these forum posts are a good example of how NOT to do your link building.

Effective link building is possible in forums, but it takes tact and the building up of a community. You can`t just barge into someone`s space and start telling them what to buy and then rush out again, without participating in an actual conversation. It`s rude and most forums don`t allow this.

So, how do you go about link building with forums in an effective way?

Get involved in conversations. Answer some questions and ask a few yourself. Re-visit the same discussions. People will get to know you and will respect your opinion after a while.

Use links appropriately. Dropping unrelated links or just cramming all your URLs into your signature isn`t good form. Use links where appropriate and if you have more than one, limit your signature to one or two of your best.

Stick to the best forums. You`ll end up with better contacts and back links if you avoid the spammy forums. It will also help boost your reputation when you are associated with the best.

Link building is a process that takes time to do it right. Be patient and you`ll be amazed at how far you can go.