co Footer Links: A Simple Way To Increase PageRank Of Internal Pages |

One very simple way to improve the overall SEO effect of your website is to add a footer with links to your important pages. The way the search engines pass link juice is a bit complicated, but I’ll try to simplify it a little bit for you. Let’s say you have a five page website with the following pages:

  • Home Page
  • About Us
  • Contact
  • Sales Page
  • Another Sales Page

You know you want both of your sales pages and the home page indexed in the search engines. The home page will be indexed first because that’s what the search engines look for. But let’s say that your home page achieves a PageRank of 4. If you link to each of your other internal pages from the home page then each page linked to will receive 25% of that link love. This will be added to the love given to the individual page by the search engine spiders for a net effect.

If you want to increase the SEO love for one page over another then all you need to do is add a “nofollow” link to those links you consider less important. Let’s say you want more juice going to your sales pages. Just put “no follow” attributes in your links to the About Us and Contact Us pages and your two sales pages will then get 50% of the link juice from the home page while the two “no follow” pages will get 0%.

You may want your Contact Us page ranked and indexed because it has your address on it, and that’s fine. You have to decide which ones you want indexed and which ones you don’t care are indexed or not. But, back to the footer links.

Your footer links act the same way your navigation bar links do. You’ll get link juice for those so add links to your most important pages only – not the ones you don’t want indexed – and those links will pass link love on from each page where your footer is seen. Simple and very effective.