co Did Your Web Designer SEO Your Website? |

Kalena Jordan wrote an excellent article on how some web designers cheat their customers by not providing the best SEO possible on their site designs. Kalena brought out some great points that I’d like to elaborate on. To summarize:

  • Flashy sites are not necessarily the best sites to have
  • There’s more to SEO than simply writing meta tags
  • In fact, each page’s meta tags need to be customized for the page
  • The keywords used in the body of your text is very important
  • Text links from one page to another on your site are also very important

These are all salient points from an SEO perspective and any site designed without these in mind will ultimately fail, but I’d like to add a few more points to this list:

  • Code-to-text ratio is as important as keywords and links in your body content
  • Other page elements like page headlines and subheadlines can influence page rankings as well
  • While link building has nothing to do with page design, your page designer should keep in mind what elements on a page will encourage voluntary links from other sites within your niche
  • Visual elements like photos, graphics, and videos can be optimized as well
  • Link attributes such as titles can give an added SEO boost too
  • Dynamic navigation bars will kill your site SEO faster than anything else will (almost)

There are thousands of things to think about when designing a website with SEO in mind. Any web designer that hasn’t thought about the above as a MINIMUM isn’t worth chancing your site design with. Don’t take a chance with a web designer who builds beautiful sites without addressing the most important SEO concerns.