co Is Your Website W3C Compliant? |

Your website is your window to the world. It lets everyone else get a little peek into your business while also allowing you some visibility on the marketplace. What the world sees when they look into your window depends on how you present yourself in text, graphics, and other website elements. What you see looking through your window depends on how well you gather user information on your website and analyze it.

The W3C is not a regulatory or government agency. You don’t have to pay attention to what they are doing, but it would behoove you to do so. These people do a ton of testing and figure out the best ways to present information through websites. They’ve offered the best ideas on making HTML leaner on websites, using XML and XHMTL for the most efficiency, and best practices for CSS.

These people work hard to come up with great ideas for webmasters to improve their windows. By incorporating W3C standards into your website you are using the best ideas from the best minds in the business.

You could just as well consider this a community service message from Small Business Mavericks.