co The Best Keyword Tool In The World Is Free To Use |

If you are just starting out online then you might be wondering about all of this keyword business. How do you find the best keywords? Where do they hide? Doesn’t it cost a lot of money?

To answer, you research them. They’re not hiding. No.

Keywords are not hard to find, but it is hard work to find them. The best keyword research tool online is actually one owned by a search engine company – Google. Yep, the Google External Keyword Tool.

It’s called “external” because it exists outside of Google AdWords, which is the tool that search engine marketers typically use for keyword research. But if you don’t have an AdWords account then you’d have to gain access to the keyword tool by signing up for an account. Now you don’t have to. Not that you’ll never do so, but it’s just that you can do so when it’s time to do so and not before.

The Google Keyword Tool will allow you to research your niche concept and find synonyms for your keywords. By finding the best, and most profitable, keywords for your niche site concept, you can figure out how people search for information related to your niche. Then you can use that research to provide the information they are looking for. It’s smart business. And the best keyword research tool on the market is free.