co PPC Advertising: 40% Of The Impact Is In Your Headline |

SiteProNews ran an excellent article on PPC advertising through Google AdWords. Toward the end of the article, I found this little gem:

According to research undertaken by Google in 2005, the headline of your ad represents 40% of its impact. The first line of copy accounts for 25%, the second line 20% and the Display URL 15%.

This is great to know and illustrates the importance of writing a good headline. In general, online copywriting rises or falls on strong headlines. Ad copywriting is no different. And it doesn’t really matter whether you are using Google AdWords or another PPC provider, effective headline writing is necessary to get the clicks and turn them into conversions.

But what makes a good headlines in ad copywriting? For starters, it must use your primary keyword. But it must also get the reader to read the ad. The purpose of the headline is not to get the click. That’s what your call to action is for. The headline is simply to get the searcher to look at the ad and read the ad’s text. It should be an attention grabber.

Good headlines are short, to the point, and say, “Read the rest of me.” When you can capture the attention of the searcher and get them to read your ad then you’ve done your job as an ad headline writer.