co How To Optimize For Video Search |

There’s an interesting article today in SiteProNews about video search engine optimization. While Randy Zlobec makes some great points, I was a bit disappointed that he left out the most important part of video optimization, especially if you host your videos on your own site. He does cover some very important territory, however:

  • Meta tags
  • Submitting to more than just Google and YouTube
  • Embedding on your own site
  • Stay away from pop-up players
  • Use a video search tool on your site
  • Use some kind of analytics to determine which videos are most popular and how long visitors stay on your videos page
  • Ensure your videos are high enough quality for TV
  • Don’t use ActiveX controls
  • Create a sitemap for your videos

All of these are important for video optimization and I wouldn’t leave any of them out, but Zlobec did leave out one very important item that should be the first thing you think of, namely, text content on your videos page that is descriptive and contains your important keywords. Aside from visitor usability, this is the most important thing.

While Google has announced that it can now crawl Flash files, there still is no evidence that all videos will be crawled. Even then, when Google crawls Flash it is only looking for text and links, two elements that are likely not to be the most prominent in those files. And other search engines won’t even do that, which means that your videos will have to be optimized using elements not within the video itself. Content on the page has always been the most important aspect of search engine optimization – and it still is. Optimize your videos will valuable text content that uses your most important keywords – that is, the most important keywords for that video.