co Small Business Video Advertising – An Idea Whose Time Is Here |

Mixpo, a video advertising firm for small to mid-size videos, has arrived. That means video marketing is on the rise. Check out these stats from Greg Sterling:

Are you currently doing any video advertising?

* Yes: 19.1% (if one segments for “0-4 employees” the number goes down to 11.8%)
* No: 80.9%

Who created your video?

* Friend or relative: 21.9% (if one segments for “0-4 employees” the number goes up to just over 40%)
* Professional service (e.g., TurnHere, Comcast, yellow pages, Spot Runner, local videographer): 57.4%
* Online tools (Spotmixer, Jivox, Mixpo): 9.4%
* Other: 11.4%

It appears that more than half of small- to mid-size businesses that are using online video advertising, more than half are using an outside agency to create their videos. This is smart marketing. I’ve always believed in letting the experts do the hard work.

A look at Mixpo’s partners reveals a telling story:

  • ActiveRain
  • Realogics
  • MCM Group

If you’re in real estate then you probably recognize those names. But online video advertising isn’t just for real estate professionals. You can use this method to communicate with potential customers no matter what kind of business you are in. I think we’ll see an increase in video advertising in the near future.

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