co Happy Post-Labor Day! |

Well, Labor Day is behind us and school has started. That means things are on full force between now and Christmas. Fall hits, we set our clocks back, send the kids to school, and wait for Thanksgiving. Right?

Well, I don’t know about you, but I’m not waiting. I’m planning. And if you’re smart, you’ll start planning too.

Why? Because it’s just a short hop from here to Christmas. And Halloween will be on you before you know it.

Sell costumes and party supplies? You should be blogging about it and setting up your pay per click campaign now. Sell turkeys and yams? Start planning because online people shop early and research before they buy. I’m not just talking about turkeys either. They research everything and they start their research online. Already, people are thinking about what they’re going to get their Uncle Bob for Christmas. Already. And by Thanksgiving many of them will already have made up their minds. It’s time to start planning.