co Modern SEO: Keep It Simple Sammy |

SEO is getting more complicated all the time. I read a blog post just a while ago where the author said splitting up the components of a web design was a regular pattern for him. But he’s working with larger corporations.

The way he does it is he separates the elements on the page. The template is in one file. The CSS is in one file. The html is in one file. The content is in another file. One reason for doing this, he says, is so people who are not developers can write keyword-rich content without knowing or having to learn html. Then the optimization team can do their thing without messing with the content.

Makes sense except that content is the biggest part of optimization. Sure, templates contribute. CSS contributes. HTML contributes. But if you want to get to the top of Google, you can do it with an off-the-shelf template, no CSS, and just plain great content. That’s the advantage of being a small business, I guess. You don’t have to spend thousands of dollars on a design team that will get all fancy on you. Just keep it simple and focus on the basics and you’ll do fine – with your SEO and your content.