co When Should You Send Your E-mails? |

One question that often pops up regarding e-mail marketing is, When is the best time to send out the e-mails? It’s a good questions and there really is no right answer. But I like the way Constant Contact gave it a whirl.

There are two legitimate ways you can find out when the best time is to send your e-mail communications. First, you can ask your list members by creating a survey. Put the survey in your e-mail. You can also add that one question to your opt-in form to get a feel for what new subscribers would prefer.

The second way to find out the best time, and this may even be a better way, is to test it. Send out your newsletter twice in one week. Split your list in half and send it to one half of the list at one time and the other half at another time. See which one gets more opens. Be careful, though, because if you send your newsletter during, immediately before, or immediately after a major holiday then your results may be skewed. If you write a newsletter on hunting tips, for instance, and you send out an issue of your newsletter on the day that hunting season opens then you can expect your open rate that day to be low, so don’t rely on that. Pick your days carefully.

That said, keep your audience in mind. If you are marketing to other businesses then you want to send your e-mail at a time when they will read it. The same goes for consumers. You don’t want to send your newsletter that deals with business fashion trends on a Sunday morning when your target audience is least likely to read it.