co Should All Local Blogs Be About Real Estate? |

I like Matt McGee’s take on the local real estate blog. But I’d just like to add that not all local blogs need to be real estate oriented. The real estate field is naturally oriented toward local community blogging, but that doesn’t mean that it’s the only industry that this type of blogging will work for. I think it could work for just about any local business that wants to maintain a community-oriented feel.

For instance, doctors and lawyers – why not? Can you picture your local pediatrician discussing family health and the local community through his blog? I can.

Or what about the local personal injury lawyer filling his blog with local accident reports and information about the surrounding community.

Real estate agents can discuss the local real estate market and community amenities, which interest people moving into the area, but other professionals can discuss community oriented topics in other ways. When it comes to local blogging, it helps to know your strengths, what you have to offer your local readers, and how best to approach the topic so that it benefits you, your potential customers, and the community overall.