co Why Bloggers Fail |

OK, this title isn’t as good as 7 Reasons You Are Going To Fail At Blogging, but I think you’ll get the idea. Carl Ocab gives the 7 reasons why bloggers fail:

  1. Their spell checker sucks
  2. They have an irregular blogging schedule
  3. Their blog is generic
  4. They write for search engines
  5. They give no link love
  6. They don’t market the blog
  7. They’re not committed

I concur with all of these. But even if you do all of these things, your blog can fail simply because you haven’t given it a plan or defined success. A blog doesn’t have to make you money directly. If it drives traffic to your website and people make purchases there based on your content then it’s doing its lead generation job. That’s money, isn’t it?

Seriously, Carl’s list of 7 can kill your blogging. Spell things correctly and post every day. Don’t just write about anything and everything. Even within your niche. Stay focused. One other mistake new bloggers make is stuffing blog posts with keywords thinking the search engines will love them. They may, but your visitors won’t. Write for humans, but consider the SEO. And don’t be afraid to link out. That’s where a significant amount of my traffic comes from. If you don’t commit yourself to your blog then your blog won’t commit itself to you. Get out there and let people know about it!

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