co LeadVine: Let The Community Be Your Sales Force |

Every now and then I come across a website concept that is so cool it makes you wonder why no one else has thought of it. LeadVine is such a website.

LeadVine’s tagline says it all: The community is your sales force. And that about sums it up.

LeadVine allows you to set a price for a lead that you are looking for. It can be anything – a buyer, a seller, a real estate agent, a lawyer, a product, an antique thingamajig, a meeting with a celebrity even. Whatever you are looking for, LeadVine can help you get it through networking. You ask for what you want and if someone in the community has access to it and will accept your offer then you can have it. Here’s a sampling of some of the items and the prices being offered on LeadVine:

  • Credit Card Processing Leads – $50
  • Dental office in need of technology assistance – $750
  • HR professional working for major cruise line – $200
  • Someone wants to appear on HGTV and have house remodeled by famous designer David Bromstad – $250
  • Allergy sufferers – $50
  • Looking for large land owners,logging companies,tree farms,or govt,agencies interested in brush piling service – $500
  • Investors for real estate development – $50,000
  • Companies searching for real estate – $5,000

This is a new start up so it isn’t perfect, but LeadVine looks to be a good resource for anyone searching for something that they’d difficulty getting by other means.

One section of the website, titled Connectors, is a place for people who are well connected and know a lot of people. They make themselves available to others to help them get what they want. LeadVine users can view Connectors’ profiles, see their photos, and connect with them through LinkedIn or through LeadVine itself.

My suggestion for improving the Connector part of the site would be to allow users and Connectors to connect through other networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter expand the connection capabilities through more social sites as well. The next phase of Web 2.0 seems to be mashups where social sites interconnect with a variety of other social sites and by adding this feature in multiple directions, LeadVine itself could grow faster and reach out to a more diverse user base. For marketing, I’d suggest sending a press release out to PRWeb and to Mashable; with its thousands of interactive readers all geared toward social media, its the perfect place to announce LeadVine and gain a wider following.

So what are the top 10 ways to use LeadVine? According to its marketing content, here are the top 10 ways to make LeadVine pay:

    1. Make easy money by saying two words: “How’s business?” or “How’s work?”
    2. Form strategic alliances / partners
    3. Earn referral fees for positions your company is trying to fill
    4. Use LeadVine to find qualified candidates and save up to 50% – 75% on recruiting fees
    5. Search for hard to find antiques, cars, art, etc.
    6. Meet well connected people
    7. Have people mention your company to influential people in the industry
    8. Make international connections
    9. Search for hard to find information
    10. Get access to places that you could never get into

And I highly recommend it. Check out LeadVine for yourself.