co Do You Know Your Technorati Authority? |

Technorati has been tracking blogs online since the Dark Ages (almost). It is one of the Web’s recognized authority on what is happening and where. Right now.

Technorati has a ranking system that is one of the most accurate determinants of authority there is. Better than Alexa. More trustworthy than Google’s PageRank. And more interesting than most people’s Facebook friends list. They call it Technorati Authority.

Basically, Technorati monitors your blog to see how many other blogs in the blogosphere are linking to you and discussing you. Their ranking system tracks and reports inbound links from the past six months. Each website linking to yours is counted once, not each link. So if there is a blog that links to you daily then that blog is counted only once during the past six months and credited toward your Technorati Authority.

Authority is reported as a number, straightforward. If you’ve had 125 websites link to you in the past six months, no matter how many times each site has linked to you, then your Authority will be 125. Pretty simple, right?

Now Technorati Authority doesn’t have anything to do with whether or not a website is trusted by the search engines or a business is worth consumer trust. It simply measures how often other sites and blogs link to yours. It’s a measure of worth based on Google’s maxim that a link is a vote of trust. Can Authority be manipulated? Sure, about as much as anything else. But if you consider what it purports to be then you can get an idea of how much your blog, or any blog, is worth to others in the blogosphere by counting how often that blog is linked to from its competitors, suppliers, customers, and other websites.

So how do you get started tracking your Authority? First, you’ve got to sign up for a Technorati account, and you’ve got to have a blog. After you start your blog and sign up for a Technorati account, you need to claim your blog. That’s another post, but the instructions or on Technorati’s website. It isn’t hard and doesn’t take long.

After you’ve claimed your blog, you’ll want to start networking with other bloggers and getting them to Fave your blog at Technorati. Be nice and Fave theirs too. This will spread the word about your blog and as you network with other bloggers in your niche you’ll build more links. Soon, your Authority will rise and as your Authority rises so will your blog chutzpah.

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