co Looks Like Social Networking On Steroids |

Decided I’d browse around today and discovered somewhere while reading a blog that there was a new service called It’s a service that allows you to update up to 21 different social sites with one entry. Among those sites are Facebook, Twitter, Mashable, Jaiku, LinkedIn, Pownce, and a bunch of others.

If you’ve never heard of any of those sites then you may not need If, on the other hand, you have just one account at two of the sites on the list then you could benefit. Imagine not having to log in to each site that you have a profile at. If you can update all of your social sites at once then you’d save a lot of time.

Unfortunately, is in beta, which means you have to have a beta code. I thought I had it because a blogger published it on his blog. It had expired. So I had to request a code. You can too.

If you have more than one social networking site that you manage (and you should) then you might benefit from At the very least, you should request a beta code.