co The Many, Many Ways To Build Links |

There are links then there are links. Some links are good, some are better. Some aren’t worth anything at all. How do you tell the difference?

Some folks swear by paid links. But if Google thinks you’re buying links then you will have your links discounted and the person selling them to you will have his website’s PR taken away. Bad, bad Google!

Actually, that’s not a bad policy. People selling links for PR are attempting to influence search rank unfairly. That’s the reason for the penalty. It happens because most links are actually good links that benefit the websites linking to and being linked to. But how do you get them.? Well, let’s count the ways:

  • Reciprocal linking
  • Directory submissions
  • Write great content that people will freely want to link to
  • Engage in article marketing
  • Start a blog
  • Do some social networking
  • Social bookmarking

As you can see, you have some options. But which of these methods should you perform? The answer: All of them.

All of these are effective in building links, but you want to use a multi-layered strategy because if the search engines ever change their algorithms and the ways they count links then you want to have enough links from as many different types of sources available so that you decrease your chances of all of your links being discounted. Call it diversifying. Bottom line: It works.

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