co Can MLM Businesses Use The Same Online Marketing Tactics As Traditional Business |

MLM participants might feel like their network marketing organizations have different ways to reach people and that’s that. Aside from the fact that there are MLM opportunities that are strictly online, even traditional off line MLM can be successful online.

If you are MLMer and you are looking for ways to promote your business online then I’d encourage you to try some Internet marketing. Your organization probably has strict rules about how you can market your products – perhaps even a list of dos and don’ts. It’s important that you don’t violate those. But if your organization tries to force you to use a subdomain of their website, or give you a web page on their domain, then I’d think twice about that. Such tactics generally don’t work. Subdomains are fine, but that usually depends on how they are handled. A subdomain where your website exists on the same server as the main website and re-uses the same content won’t do you any good.

Here’s my suggestion for MLMers who want to leverage the Internet for prospecting and selling:

  • Get your own domain name and build an original website on it.
  • If your company has strict rules about this then don’t put the company name anywhere on your website. Instead, use generic product descriptions like “laundry soap” and “electronic toys”. That way your company can’t accuse you of violating its terms because you aren’t advertising them or their products. Be sure, however, that you don’t violate any terms of your agreement as you are performing this step.
  • Start an electronic newsletter and start taking e-mail addresses.
  • Offer a free download brochure or something to entice people to subscribe to your newsletter. In your newsletter each week, without violating the rules of your MLM organization, highlight a new product and discuss the money-making opportunities available through your organization.
  • Start a blog and discuss the different ways you can make money through MLM. Your blog can focus only on your organization or you can broaden the scope and discuss how to make money online. Then you can sell ad space or join affiliate programs to promote other brands.
  • Learn to use PPC and online display advertising. You probably don’t want to spend a lot of money doing this, but by being familiar with the tools you’ll know when they will benefit you and when they won’t. Use them to your advantage.

There is no reason you can recruit new members into your MLM organization using the Internet, and there is no reason you can’t sell your product. You might have to get a little creative, but aren’t you doing that anyway?