co Are You Building Trust? |

I’ve discovered over the years that the one thing that is most important for any business – no matter what industry you are in or how big or small you are – is to build trust among your target market. Regardless of the strategies you use for marketing your business, you’ll never get anywhere if you cannot convince people to trust you. Trust is very important for building relationships and maintaining balance. So how do you build that trust?

The most obvious thing, of course, is to be honest. Nothing builds trust faster than admitting a mistake. And nothing shatters it more than ignoring or denying a mistake that is obvious to everyone else. But aside from that, how else can you build trust as you go about marketing your business?

  • Articles – Articles are a great way to build trust. By signing your name at the bottom of an article loaded with great (free!) tips about your niche, you are telling people that you are a trustworthy and credible business source.
  • Blog – A daily blog can go a long way to building trust, but you have to give it time. Success doesn’t happen overnight. The way to build trust through a blog is to be consistent with your posting and to provide valuable information to your target market over time.
  • Hold promises to a minimum – No need to get all excited about what you promise to your clients. Promise a little and deliver a lot is much better than promising a lot and delivering a little. Set your clients’ expectations low (but not too low) and exceed them. There is hardly any better way to build trust (except to be honest).
  • Be confident, be competent, and overdeliver – This may be restating what has already been stated, but confident business people like doing business with other confident business people. Be proud of your accomplishments. If you are competent in what you do then that is easy. Oh, and deliver more than you promised!

Building trust is one of the most important things you can do in business. By being consistent in what you promise and deliver, and delivering more than you promise, you can build the trust factor into your business as you build your business from the ground up.