co Why Copywriting Is Your Best Sales Tool |

Have you ever tried to communicate without words? Unless you and the receiver of your communications understand the same signals – whether they are hand signals, facial expressions, dots and dashes, or fire and smoke – then communication is impossible. Written communication is based on the same principle. In order to facilitate real communication, both parties – writer and reader – must understand what all the symbols (letters, punctuation, etc.) stand for. But sales writing has an added dimension that information-only writing doesn’t. That is, persuasion.

Sales is all about persuasion. Whether you are selling through oral communications or written communications, you are trying to persuade your audience – whether it be one person or a mass of people – to some action. You want your listener, or reader, to respond.

Words are powerful. Written or spoken, they can inspire action, positive or negative. Online, most of your communications will be written, although you can make some powerful statements with audio and video. Still, the most effective use of your online communicative efforts will be in writing. And that’s why hiring a good copywriter is perhaps the smartest thing you can do. Because content is king, and online most of your content will be written content, if you expect to close sales then your chief communicator must be able to lead your site visitors down the right path to close the sale. In other words, copywriting is your best sales tool. Do you have the right copywriter?