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Google sent an apology to users for flagging their blog as spam. It occurred to me as I was reading this that this is one more reason to have your own standalone blog. For a small hosting fee each year you can have a blog that is brandable with your brand name and run on WordPress software (not, which is a free host like It is very inexpensive for a marketing tool.

One popular blog in New Zealand called “No Right Turn” was one of the blogs that was erroneously charged as a spammer by Google, who claims that it was due to an algorithm gone wild. Here’s what Bloggernews is calling the moral of the story:

The moral to this story is that free is not always the best price. Free comes at a cost. And the cost is loss of control. I was pretty upset at the threat of losing two years worth of articles.

Any time you give someone else control over your content you are setting yourself up for a huge let down. And that kind of let down can cost you money. Do you really want to take that risk?

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