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brilliante weblog

Thanks to Janet Roper of Animal Communicator for nominating me for this award. In the spirit of tradition I’d like to honor the following bloggers with the Brilliante Weblog Award:

Small Business CEO
Written by Steve Rucinski, aimed at small business CEO’s and organized by the various “hats” we need to wear as business owners.

Predictably Irrational
The companion blog to his book of the same name, Ariely performs great experiments that demonstrate how consumers think and behave and explains why our customers and clients act so strangely at times.

Jaffe Juice
Written by Joseph Jaffe, author of Join the Conversation and thought leader on new media – oftentimes a bit obscure and ADD, but then every once in awhile he just nails a topic dead-on.

Marketing Tech Blog
Douglas Karr’s great blog about new media and marketing technology – I learn something new here every time I visit!

Web Ink Now
David Meerman Scott, author of numerous books (ok, yes – I tend to love blogs by the authors I enjoy reading) on social media has a great blog.

Drew’s Marketing Minute
Drew McLellan’s blog is filled with marketing tips and advice, with insightful guest posts every Friday.

How to Change the World
Because he is just a genius!

For great small business blogging tips visit Small Business Mavericks.