co Diva Toolbox: Within You Lies The Ability To Do Anything. Find It. |

Earlier this month I attended the e-Women Network Conference and met a wonderful businesswoman and fellow entrepreneur with a great idea. I just wanted to share some thoughts about Janet Powers, owner of Diva Toolbox.

The Diva Toolbox appears, on the surface, to be an article directory. And it is. But it’s really more than that. It’s a community – a community for women who want to share and travel the professional journey together. Being at Diva Toolbox is like two girlfriends sitting across the kitchen table enjoying a cup of coffee and pleasant conversation. Janet’s motto is, “Within you lies the ability to do anything. Find it.” I like that. It says something meaningful, and Janet lives by that motto, which is why we got along so well so quickly.

I’ve decided that I’m going to add Diva Toolbox to my list of directories to submit articles to. I’ve added my first article already.

I strongly encourage you to check out Janet’s new site, Diva Toolbox, and read some of the great material she has there.