co Do You Have A Sales Funnel? |

It is very important for a small business, whether you intend to engage in traditional marketing or Internet marketing and whether you intend to market your business locally or globally, to develop a sales funnel. You have to plan how you are going to drive customers to the final sale. Sometimes, and I’d say many times, it’s more than a one or two step process.

Your sales funnel may include several sales throughout the process. For instance, your first sale may be to offer a free e-book or video download in exchange for an e-mail address. Technically, it’s not a sale, but in reality it is a sale. You have to “sell” your website visitor on the benefits of giving you their private information. You use the free download as a selling point to encourage that behavior.

Next, you use the e-mail address and the e-book to entice your customer to buy something else. After that purchase, you may offer another product, one of higher value. And so you develop your sales process and drive your customer interactions toward a particular goal.

This is just one example of a sales funnel. There are many possibilities and every situation is different. Your sales funnel will not look like my sales funnel and neither of our sales funnels will look like someone else’s. You have to develop your own sales funnel, one that works for you and your customers. But it’s important to understand, before you start marketing, where you want your customers to end up and make your sales pitches based on those goals.

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