co Optimizing Your Blog For Business |

Charles McKeever has a great post about the importance of optimizing your business blog. I fully agree with his two recommendations. He suggests the following two websites to help you better analyze your blog so that you can make the proper changes and more efficiently optimize your blog’s performance:

  • Google’s Website Optimizer is a great resource and all you have to do is type your blog’s URL into the box and the website will return an analysis of your elements. It looks at html, css, graphics, and both internal and external files to see where you can improve your blog’s load time and make it more crawlable. These are important issues. The slower your load time the less likely people will stick around to read and you also get dinged a little bit from the search engines and you’ll have a lower PageRank. So you want to increase your load time as much as possible. It’s a free tool and highly valuable.

Google’s Website Optimizer is probably the best tool on the planet. Through this tool you can test different versions of a web page before it goes live. It allows you to test two versions of the same web page to see which one will perform better for you and increases your ROI. But you can also perform multivariate testing, which allows you to test several elements side by side to see where on the page you’d like to place them. Highly beneficial.

If you are doing any kind of business online and you own a website, I highly recommend both of these tools. They will help you grow your business the smart way – by optimizing it for maximum performance.