co Can You Digg It? |

Digg may soon allow publishers the chance to operate under the Digg umbrella by managing sub-Diggs. Is that good?

It can’t hurt. In fact, by allowing users to manage sub-Diggs, the largest social bookmarking site becomes that much more competitive and that’s a necessity in today’s highly competitive landscape. Secondly, if you are a publisher within a niche then you can run your own sub-Digg and control who lands on the front page of your sub-Digg. This is a powerful marketing opportunity for niche publishers who may not have a chance to ever hit Digg’s front page. If your cookie-dough-recipe website struggles with 1 or 2 Diggs per submission then you may get a little discouraged. But being able to manage your own sub-Digg for the niche of baking, or recipes, might give you a little bit of an advantage and you could see yourself getting more votes if you are able to promote your sub-Digg.

This is an interesting development, but don’t count your chickens yet. Read Write Web is reporting it could be six months.