co How To Use Facebook For Business |

(Source) Consider setting up a second profile with an alias known only to your closest confidantes. Then dump all the good stuff there. (Sorry, “Philip McGroin” is already taken.)

This is probably the best advice I’ve ever heard regarding Facebook. Most people use Facebook to connect with their friends, but you can use it for business networking too. I would not do both through the same profile.

If you plan to use Facebook for business, don’t put those college photos of you drinking at that party up there. And don’t let your guard down. You could be putting more at risk than a simple dig on your reputation. Your entire reputation (and your business) could be at stake. If you really want to show your wild and crazy side, set up a profile for your personal shenanigans and let it all hang out there. Use your Facebook business profile only for networking with others who share similar interests within your niche. I promise, you’ll be glad you did it this way.

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