co Can Your Readers Scan Easily? |

When it comes to content, online users don’t like to read. They scan. Is your content easy to scan?

There are some surefire ways to make sure that your content is scannable. Here are a few things you can do to rewrite your content so that readers can scan it more easily:

  • Lists – There are two types of lists: Ordered and Unordered. An ordered list is numbered, and unordered list is simply a list of bullet points. If you break your points down into lists, either ordered or unordered, then you make it more scannable.
  • Bold Text – Bold text is easier to read, but too much can be worse than not at all. Knowing what to bold and when is half the trick, but if you use bold text effectively then you’ll make your content more scannable.
  • Subheads – Subheads are headlines, or titles, that break up the text from paragraph to paragraph. You really shouldn’t go more than two or three paragraphs without a subhead. Usually, your headline is an h1 tag, but a subhead can be an h2, h3, or h4, usually 2 or 3. This makes it larger than normal font, but doesn’t compete with the main headline on the page.
  • Hyperlinks – The links on a page make certain keywords and phrases stand out. Carefully placed, you can make your content more easy to scan.
  • Underlined Text – Underlining text without bolding it can be useful. Hyperlinks are generally underlined, but you can underline text without hyperlinking it too. Just be careful not to do it too much.
  • Italics – Italics is another useful font design tool. Again, too much can hurt.
  • White Space – You’ll be surprised at how much white space can make your page more scannable. It can really enhance the content you do have. You just have to know how to use it.

If you make your content more scannable you will likely find your web pages converting more sales.