co How Not To Do Social Media |

Carl Ocab is 13 years old. He’s got to know what he’s doing then, right? You would think so. And, actually, you’d be right. He’s one savvy kid. Here’s his advice about the best way to go about social media marketing:

  • Write a top list
  • Blog on topic
  • Provocative blogging
  • Reduce advertisements
  • Spell check
  • Self submit – don’t do it, he says!
  • Write back
  • Show statistics

Some of the examples Carl gives regarding these points are a little bit out there. For instance, he points to John Chow as the example for why you should show your statistics. But John Chow makes $20,000 a month. He’s got a good reason to brag. If you only make $50 per month from your blog then that might not be a reason to brag, unless your audience is people who don’t make any money. But even then it might not draw new readers to your blog.

The point is to be careful about how much you disclose. If you brag about your accomplishments, do in a non-braggadocios way. And don’t say too much. You don’t want a reputation as a blabber. Just stick to the sketch, don’t draw a whole portrait.

I do agree with reducing advertisements and spell checking. And don’t submit your own stuff. That’s not good. He’s right that social media people don’t like that.

On blogging, provocative blogging can be good but don’t get too provocative too often. Keep it restrained. And when blogging “on topic” make sure that you are blogging relevant to your audience. Don’t just blog about something because it’s popular. Blog about it because your audience is interested. And most importantly, play by the KISS rules. People don’t like long, drawn out posts that use complex sentence structures. You aren’t Hemingway, and even if you are, pare it down some. It’s the social media way.