co Are High Rankings REALLY As Easy As 1-2-3? |

The article caught my attention, that’s for sure. The promise was bold and incisive. It’s as easy as 1-2-3. Get high rankings at Google. All you have to do is three easy-to-do things. Only it’s not that easy.

Here are three things you have to do to get those high rankings (the author of the article promises):

  • Pick the best keywords and place them in your web page content
  • Then you need to “find, get, and manage” great inbound links
  • Finally, you need to monitor your progress

I agree that these are the three things you need to do to rank well in the search engines, but it’s not so easy. It’s hard work.

Picking the best keywords is not so cut-and-dry. You have to do some research. You have to look at the availability of the keywords and not just their traffic value. The best keywords are those keywords that get a lot of searchers trying to find information on them and where few webmasters are targeting them. That isn’t too many keywords. Plus, to add a kink in the garden hose, it changes from month to month.

This month, “auto repairs” might be a valuable search term. Next month, it could “tire rotation”. I wouldn’t suggest you change your website content every month to capture the latest high value search term.

To be sure, constant keyword research is necessary and finding the best keywords isn’t always easy. Even if you find high value keywords with little competition, you still are going to do better with keywords that are relevant to your business and if those are the keywords with the most content you are in for a long, hard drive to the top of search engine rankings!

Inbound links. Yes, you need them. Getting links isn’t hard. Getting valuable links consistently is hard work. Directory submissions are good, but even better are relevant sites within your niche that have authority. Getting them to link to you voluntarily is a difficult task, but it can be done. And when you do it those links can help propel you to search engine ranking success!

Monitor your progress. This is actually the easiest step. The hard part is finding the best keywords, developing great content, and building valuable links. But once you get the hard part out of the way, monitoring what happens on your site and using that information to make important tweaks that benefit you is much easier.

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