co Spammers Suck, So Says Do-Follow Matt |

I agree. Spammers are no fun to hang out with. That’s why you need to be real careful about your comment policy. WordPress automatically makes all links no-follow. That means a link that you create from a WordPress blog back to your own blog does not compute for link building purposes. Get all the links you want and you are not going to help your link building strategy.

But, wait a minute …

WordPress has a plugin. Bloggers who install the WordPress do-follow plugin are setting themselves up for spam. As soon as you make all of the links on your blog pass on the link juice then everybody and pet dog wants to get in on the action. You essentially become the easiest girl in your class. Is that the kind of reputation you want?

I understand the desire for webmasters to want to reward their comments with the much coveted link credit. But know that when you do that you are opening up the spam dam so the flood can rush through. A better alternative might be the plugin that passes do-follow juice only to the top commentators on your blog. New commentators must earn the right to get that juice by leaving well-thought-of useful comments over a period of time.

Sounds like a good compromise to me. I’m sure Matt will agree.

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