co How Is Local Optimization Different Than Traditional SEO? |

Local businesses have special needs, or do they? Well, whether your business is local or global you’ll still need to perform search engine optimization on your website, blog, and other online marketing collateral. But how you go about it will be different.

An online florist only needs to optimize her website for words like “florist,” “flowers”, and related terms. But a local florist in Flint, Michigan will have to optimize her website to receive local traffic also. How do you do that?

There are several ways to perform local optimization on your website. The most obvious way is to include your brick and mortar address on your website. But are there other things you can do as well?

First, let’s clarify what we mean by including your address on your website. Just adding it to your Contact page isn’t enough. It needs to be on every page of your website. If you create a footer and include your footer on every page of your website then that will take care of that. Your footer should include physical address including zip code, phone number, a link to your contact form, mailing address (if different than your physical address), and links to other web properties like your blog.

Other than your footer, however, there are other ways to optimize your local business website:

  • Include your local geotargeting terms in your keywords meta tag
  • In your description, include your primary geotargeted keyword
  • Add your zip code to your keywords meta tag
  • Mention all the local communities you serve by name on at least one page of your website
  • Set up a separate landing page for each community or zip code that you do business in
  • When link building, use local geotargeted phrases for anchor text
  • Include your city name in the URL of your web address (for instance,

These are some very simply ways to go about optimizing your website for local search terms. And since you are dealing with a smaller geographic area it shouldn’t that difficult to rank for your important keywords.